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  • Hosted on: Dec 20, 2021 at 11 AM (Your time)
  • Speaker(s): Amelia Tomasicchio, (CEO at Cryptonomist)
  • Space: CryptoMutant's Community
  • Method: Written AMA


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About the Project

A collection of 3D, AI-generated 3,777 Cryppo’s with over 90 unique traits ready for the metaverse. Cryppo is an adventurous hippopotamus (Hippopotamus cryptonomus) who has survived the significant changes in the crypto since the great eruption of the Nakamoto volcano that gave birth to the great conquests and battles of the ICO era, IEO, and even the market crash, KYC and shitcoin. Today in his NFT Valley, he faces the biggest challenge of the NFTs and the Metaverse!

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